Chocolate Bark

How to Make

Ingredients you'll need:

dark chocolate bars Add-in ideas: almonds dried cranberries peppermint candies pretzels sea salt

Step 1: Prep

Line a 3-quart baking dish with parchment paper and chop any nuts or other fillings you'd like to add to your bark.

Step 2: Melt

Place the chocolate in a double boiler, add about an inch of water to the bottom of the boiler, and melt over medium heat.

Step 3: Mold

Pour your chocolate into the lined baking dish.

Step 4: Chill

Sprinkle your fillings all around the melted chocolate and chill in the fridge for at least 90 minutes to harden.

Step 5: Enjoy

Carefully remove the parchment paper and break the bark into as many pieces as you'd like. Enjoy your chocolate bark!❤️

A roundup

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