Tuna and Sauerkraut Sandwiches

How to Make

Ingredients you'll need:

celery red bell pepper red onion canned tuna mayonnaise sea salt ground pepper bread green leaf lettuce sauerkraut

Step 1: Prep

Wash and finely chop the celery, red pepper and onion, and wash the lettuce leaves.

Step 2: Flake

Place the tuna in a large mixing bowl and use a fork to separate into flakes.

Step 3: Combine

Add the vegetables and mayonnaise to the tuna as well as some salt and pepper to taste.

Step 4: Mix

Mix well to incorporate.

Step 5: Assemble

Place one slice of lettuce, half the tuna salad and half the sauerkraut on each sandwich. (Toast your bread first if you'd like!)

Step 6: Enjoy

Top both sandwiches with the top slices of bread, slice in half and serve. Enjoy your tuna sandwiches!❤️

A roundup

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